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Frank Owens Limited Review: Reducing Harm on the Environment

Construction works such as groundwork activities and site clearing have an impact on the environment in various ways. These activities usually disturb or destroy the environmental stability of certain places. Frank Owens takes practical measures to protect and preserve natural habitats. A number of mitigation tips have been developed to decrease the harmful impacts of construction works to the environment.


Here are some recommended measures:


  1. Construction activities must be monitored by an ecologist


Having a qualified ecologist who knows the various methods to protect the habitats of wildlife can provide the appropriate solutions for environmental protection.


  1. Prevent uncontrolled flow on drainage ways and streams


The importance to control the flow of water from undeveloped areas needs to be addressed beforehand by replanting. This will be costly however, the precaution will reflect future benefits in terms of

preventing floods and destruction of natural and man-made structures.


  1. Construction materials must be monitored and kept safe


The materials used must be stored in a location safely away so that the risk of harm to human health and environment is prevented or minimized.


  1. Controlled construction boundaries to preserve vegetation


Construction perimeters must be managed accordingly to lessen the removal of plants in the area. Fences must also be set to restrict the workers or equipment beyond the boundaries specified.


Frank Owens Contractors provides exceptional utility contracting service. Their qualified and expert engineers have years of experience in this kind of field to guarantee landowners that their project will prevent damage and protect both the natural and built environment.


Source: http://www.frankowenscontracts.co.uk

Frank Owens Contractors Review: Construction and Environment

Groundworks and other site preparation activities can significantly affect the environment. Protecting the environment from harm due to construction works requires thorough study and research.  Moreover, even if detailed assessment is done, actions must also be taken to reduce any potential ecological impacts of the project on the area.


Here are four factors that damage the environment:


1.Leakage of hazardous chemicals


During construction operation, possible leakage of hazardous chemicals is inevitable. These substances may affect the pH level of water and soil in the area if ignored.


2.Loss of habitats from the area


Excessive noise and vibration during construction operation may interrupt the feeding and sleeping patterns of plants and animals. This will lead to the destruction of habitats for plants and animals and may possibly result to the complete loss of all plant and animal life in the area.


3.Chemicals on water run-off


During clearing activities, surface water runoff might carry loosened topsoil and toxic chemicals that may pollute waterways such as rivers, streams and strings.




Sections where constructions have destroyed vegetation are at high-risk landslides and mudslides due to increase water runoff on these critical areas.


The environment can be damaged when certain structures are being built. Frank Owens Contractors provide quality contracting services while reassuring that their methods and processes used will mitigate impacts of construction. They seek to protect the environment and conserve resources for the future generation.

Source: http://www.frankowenscontracts.co.uk

Frank Owens Contractors Review: Guide for Site Clearing

Site clearing is regarded as one of the important jobs in the construction industry. It involves the shredding of vegetation and any other debris that may have piled up in the site area. In order for site clearance to become efficient, follow these methodologies.


Safety of workers and the public


People who are working in construction must be prepared every day for safety. The improper use of machinery and explosives on the site area may result in damage. For this purpose, various safety measures have to be taken. Those who have site safety training will only be allowed to enter the premises.


Permit from local authorities


Some site clearing operation requires land clearing permits which will be provided by town authorities. This is to ensure that proper control measure has been implemented and to avoid all damage beyond the specified limits.




In every construction project, people's safety is the primary concern. Boundary fencing must be set up on every construction site to ensure the safety and security of not just the workers but also the public. Moreover, setting boundaries will control the working area of the workers.


Shredding of vegetation


Vegetation must be removed using mulching equipments and be then stored in a designated place to be disposed of properly.

Landowners must always involve themselves when it comes to the decision making of the project to assure that all activities will result in their desired output. Frank Owens Contractors aims to help their clients to achieve their objectives in the most efficient and economical way.