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Frank Owens Contractors Review: Guide for Site Clearing

Site clearing is regarded as one of the important jobs in the construction industry. It involves the shredding of vegetation and any other debris that may have piled up in the site area. In order for site clearance to become efficient, follow these methodologies.


Safety of workers and the public


People who are working in construction must be prepared every day for safety. The improper use of machinery and explosives on the site area may result in damage. For this purpose, various safety measures have to be taken. Those who have site safety training will only be allowed to enter the premises.


Permit from local authorities


Some site clearing operation requires land clearing permits which will be provided by town authorities. This is to ensure that proper control measure has been implemented and to avoid all damage beyond the specified limits.




In every construction project, people's safety is the primary concern. Boundary fencing must be set up on every construction site to ensure the safety and security of not just the workers but also the public. Moreover, setting boundaries will control the working area of the workers.


Shredding of vegetation


Vegetation must be removed using mulching equipments and be then stored in a designated place to be disposed of properly.

Landowners must always involve themselves when it comes to the decision making of the project to assure that all activities will result in their desired output. Frank Owens Contractors aims to help their clients to achieve their objectives in the most efficient and economical way.